World Congress on Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture and well-being

10-12 June 2016
Ramada Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria




It is my great pleasure to congratulate you on the organized by you XVIII World Congress of the International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques.
I believe in the positive and beneficial resonance of this scientific event and I hope that this forum will attract a great interest on the part on the specialists in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine at both the national and international levels.
I would like to express my support for your desire to enable the professionals to share practical experiences, precious knowledge and good practices with their foreign colleagues. I hope that the congress will contribute to the enhancement of qualification of acupuncture practitioners, with the emphasis on trends and major problems.
Remaining with best regards, I wish you, your co-workers and all participants healthy life, productive activity and plentiful achievements.
City of Sofia                            Dr PETAR MOSCOV 
June 10, 2016                        THE MINISTER OF HEALTH OF BULGARIA



Dear Dr Iliev,
On behalf of the Bulgarian Medical Association, I have the pleasure to welcome the participants in the 18 Congress of the World Acupuncture Organization. It is the proud of our specialists to be hosts of this forum of international importance. This is an expression of trust and assessment of their professionalism.
This fact remembers us that in 1983, during another forum in Sofia the initiative to form an international organization, in which only orthodox physicians participate, was born. Later, parameters for membership in this structure were enlarged.
I wish a fruitful work to the Congress! I hope that you, the specialists in the area of acupuncture, will work in close relation with physicians from traditional medicine, I hope that you can contribute to the cooperation between tradition and modern advances in medical science, in the name of His Majesty, the Patient!
Dr. Vencislav Grozev
Chair of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Medical Association 

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Bulgarian Acupuncture Society I would like to invite you to the XVIII ICMART World Acupuncture Congress to be held in Sofia 2016. It was in May 1983 when the World Congress last took place in Sofia with more than 1200 participants from all over the world. Twelve years later, in 1995, an ICMART Symposium was organized in the Bulgarian capital. Our Acupuncture School has a history of more than 50 years and has achieved popularity worldwide.
Bringing the East and the West together, Sofia plays an important role in the transfer and exchange of culture, scientific and medical knowledge. Medical acupuncture is now playing a significant role in the development of integrative medicine.
Our goal in 2016 will be to bring forth and discuss the most recent developments in acupuncture, revealing its significance to the world through scientific discourse.
The word “sophia” means wisdom and I am convinced there is no better place to meet traditional and modern medicine. The Congress will be a place for like-minded people and friends to exchange experience and ideas giving us a chance to reinforce commitment to our common international goals of Medical Acupuncture.
Sincerely yours,

Dr. Emil Iliev
Chairman of ICMART Congress


Dear colleagues,

It is a great honor to welcome you to the ICMART XVIII World Congress on Medical Acupuncture.
An exceptional scientific event, focused on well-being, in which we will share the practice, research and education across the World. As well-being is a state characterized by health, happiness and prosperity, this congress will be extremely enlightening.
Nearly 100 scientists selected to present their work, 10 free workshops, posters and the Young Scientist Award will create the opportunity for our community to interact and discuss current practice and new directions.
The General Assembly of ICMART will be held during the congress and all our new activities will be announced and discussed.
I wish all the participants find scientific inspiration and enjoy a memorable stay in Sofia!
Dr. Konstantina Theodoratou, MD, MSc, Med. Psych.
ICMART President

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for visiting the website of the ICMART World Congress 2016. Doctors are perpetually time poor so arriving here means you have taken the first step in your journey to the Congress on “Medical Acupuncture and Wellbeing. Please come to share in the latest research, clinical teaching and fellowship of the conference. It is simple, just take the next step to the registration page.
Look forward to meeting you.
Dr Chin Chan
ICMART General Secretary


ICMART Congress Committee
Konstantina Theodoratou
Chin Chan
Petja Piehler
Chun-Lee Oei-Tan

ICMART Local Organizing Committee
Emil Iliev
Silvia Elenkova
Venelin Kyossev
Lyudmila Kyosseva
Tsvetana Pankova
Vasil Kolev


For information about the Scientific program, please contact:

Dr. Emil Iliev
Congress President & Chairman
e-mail: emil.iliev@mail.bg
For Registration, Accommodation, Social and Tourist program, please contact:

Congress Management and Events Ltd.
Mrs. Mira Bonova
e-mail: mira@cmebg.com